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When I was little and staying at my grandparents over half-term, I’d walk along these tracks looking for snails (or “cagouilles” as we say around here) with my Dad or pick honeysuckle and lilac with my cousins.

Now I come to the village for bike rides, alone or with the family, it all depends how brave you’re feeling.


This 28km green path along the former railway track starts in  Abbeville  and runs to Auxi-le-Château without a single car along the way.

We can reach several villages along it:

  • Caours
  • Drucat
  • Neufmoulin
  • Saint-Riquier
  • Oneux
  • Conteville
  • Bernâtre…

Traverse du Ponthieu


It’s easy to park and pick up a picnic at each and every spot.

Today I decide to follow my sons, they need some exercise so there will be 3 of us to start
but I’ll finish alone. The kids need exercise and I need to relax so we’re not pedalling at the same speed and there’s soon a big gap between us ;-)) who cares, the main thing is crossing the finish line.

My theme of the day:
– clear my conscience with a little sport
– give myself a change of scene listening to birdsong and breathing in the sweet scent of hawthorn and honeysuckle lining the path.




This green path is far quieter than the seaside routes.

If you want a bit of peace and quiet then this really is the best path. The children can ride carefree in total safety.
There’s more than enough space to ride side by side without getting in anyone else’s way, it’s nice to have a chat as you cycle too don’t you think?



If you’ve planned to set off from Abbeville then you can continue your outing into the countryside or to the Baie de Somme along the green path véloroute or take your pick from the dozens of routes available to soak up nature in complete safety.

In practice:
– Abbeville – Auxi-le-Château: 28 km
– download the file
– and others hiking circuits

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