Go and see the colony at your leisure  :

If you have binoculars and want to see the colony on your own then head to the pebble beach at Pointe du Hourdel. You can park at the entrance to the White Road where there’s a free car park shared with motorhomes. Or park near the lighthouse at the port, go on a small path to the pebble beach then it’s straight ahead…

They’ll be there 3 hours before and up to 2.5 hours after low tide.
Warning : Don’t venture off into the bay alone !
The best thing is to stay near the blockhouse on the edge of the channel and get back on land as soon as the sea starts to come in (around 3.5 hours before high tide).

Hourdel - Somme Tourisme

Seals - Stéphane Bouilland

With the guide on a nature hike :

It’s lovely to see the colony on your own but it’s far better with a guide.

A nature tour lasts around 2.5  hours and passionate local guides share their love of the bay and everything there is to know about France’s biggest seal colony.

You’ll easily find contact details for guides at the region’s tourist information centres with outings available all year. Call, book and you’re off. (13-30 € per tour)

Picardie Nature observation points :

The local environment research and protection association regularly provides observation points during high season and half-term.

Volunteers armed with telescopes meet you for free on Le Hourdel pebble beach and introduce you to these mammals and their protection. It couldn’t be simpler to find them, just park near the lighthouse and take the footpath straight to the bay. A calendar is available on their website and at tourist information centres so you know when they’re around.

Baie de Somme - B.Bremer

Hourdel - Olivier Leclercq

Boat trips :

Now this is a whole other story. A boat trip is simply magical. You’re not exploring the bay; you’re part of the bay. The sense of gliding on the water, the landscapes, sounds, seals popping their heads up a few metres from the boat (who’s really watching who?) all come together to whisk you away to another world…

(around 40 € for a 3 hour trip)

On board the P’tit charcot :

The P’tit Charcot is a 12-seater twin-engine Zodiac inflatable boat and it rocks. It’s a smooth ride out of port.