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Do you want to hear my top tip for a family weekend getaway ? Here it is : there’s nothing better than a bike ride on the Route Blanche running from Pointe du Hourdel to la Mollière near Cayeux-sur-Mer.

There’s a bike hire shop in La Mollière between spring and autumn. I’ve got a little tip for you if you’re bringing your own bikes: park on the car park at the beginning of the Route Blanche, it’s free! Then you just need to get your bike off the rack and you’re off…

This former road is now solely for pedestrians and cyclists and named after the white sand dunes that run along it… and often cover it.


Yes! The seals are over there, on the sand banks.

It’s 6/7km there and back and gives you a new lease of life… Once you’re back and you’ve put your bikes away, you only have one thing in mind… the next family trip on the Route Blanche and all the hidden gems you’ll find there! All the senses come to life here: feast your eyes on all the birds and seals.

The Route Blanche is also packed with brightly coloured wild plants: blueweed, yellow evening primrose, orange sea buckthorn and more; lie down, close your eyes and listen to the birdsong and the sea’s backwash to indulge your sense of hearing; and smell: the sea air does me the world of good.As you cycle along, the Baie plays hide and seek with the dunes: you can see it then the bay disappears and
“Yes! The seals are over there, on the sand banks. Come on, let’s stop for a snack and watch the seal colony ! Guaranteed success with children.

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