Par Aurelie

Temps de lecture : 2
Sunday afternoon. It’s autumn. We need some air. It’s a little chilly and the sun is bright and beautiful.

I’ve asked my little family if they fancy a walk around pointe du Hourdel. They’re delighted and yell “yeaaah, great !”.
We put our trainers on and make sure we have our binoculars.
As soon as we open the car doors…

We’re in another world.

At the end of the quay, whilst they play on the wooden jetty (not very quietly), my husband tells them to shush… He’s spotted a grey seal on the sand bank just ahead. Everyone quietens down and keeps a low profile so we don’t scare him and can watch him.
We can see him clearly with our binoculars!

Seal ©F.Vol

Go on, we decide to take a scroll by the sea towards Cayeux-sur-Mer… After 5 mins, I promise… it feels like you’re on the other side of the world. The light is magical. Whilst my children laugh and play with pebbles, me and my sweetheart walk hand in hand. Everything feels lovely and simple, there’s a real sense of contentment.

We spot three seals swimming near the coastline. It’s like they’re following us…

They must be fishing… The kids fight over the binoculars. 
Next time we need to bring at least 2 pairs!

The children build cairns out of pebbles. You know, those little towers of stones balancing on top of each other: apparently they’re lucky.
And we look for treasure together: a pretty pebble in the shape of a heart. I set them the challenge because I’m sure I can use it in my next “interior design” project.
We walk as far as the blockhouse then hook up with the Route Blanche before turning back…

It’s a lovely 2 hrs walk and we’ve recharged our batteries.

The fishermen sell the last of their catch on the quay. The children make eyes at us begging for little grey shrimp… actually, they’ll do nicely for an afternoon snack.

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