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The Hâble d’Ault marsh has always been a resting place. Sailors at sea off the Baie de Somme coast would seek refuge here when the sea flooded this vast area twice a day in the Middle Ages.

Now it’s the birds who call it home!

On their way back from the African countries where they spend winter, hundreds of globe-trotting birds (the Arctic tern can fly up to 40,000km per year!) spend March and April having a break in the Hâble d’Ault.

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Every sense is alive so you don’t miss a single bit of the show

I always look forward to this time of year: the marsh completely transforms in a matter of days. A chorus of passerine birdsong brightens up the reeds whilst huge flocks of geese take a break here and freshen up in the meadows that are carefully tended by the Hensons, the Baie de Somme’s little horses. They twitter everywhere, they fight over a bit of marsh or reed, they try to seduce a mate !

This little spot is heaven for other travellers: hikers and mountain bikers love it here. Whether you’re alone with a pair of binoculars or in a group heading up to the cliffs peaking from the mist.

Basically, it’s a secret garden that I’d like to share with you all!

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