Huge colourful kites relentlessly rise and fall over the pebble beaches in Cayeux-sur-Mer.
Windsurfing perhaps ?
No, it’s been a while since everyone in Cayeux swapped their good old fun boards for kite equipment.

You can see from the locals’ talent why Cayeux-sur-Mer beach fast became a surfing hostpot famous around France : a huge beach with prevailing winds over 250 days a year and Bob’s your uncle.

So countless kitesurfing fans who weren’t lucky enough to live in their favourite playground soon bought second homes and brought all their family with them.

This family-friendly sea resort south of the Baie de Somme has lots to offer and is a great place to unwind.

The walk on the white road to the pretty port du Hourdel is such a pleasure you won’t realise how many miles you’ve racked up (or how many ice creams you eat once you get there).

Kite-surf - Nycolas Bryant

Kite-Surf - Nicolas Bryant

the Hourdel

This little peninsula with views of the bay still houses a fleet of traditional “sauterellier” boats on the estuary specialising in catching brown shrimp, flat fish and scallops depending on the season.

To clear your head…

There are myriad places to visit to “clear your head” in the nearby Hâble d’Ault marsh where the only sound is the chirping common reed bunting and sedge warbler singing to you on your walk or bike ride.

The small town is surrounded by fascinating protected natural sites…

the best is yet to come !

Whether it be leant against one of the 400 beach huts standing proud before the open sea or the local casino lounges, the sunset ends the day on a high.

The sun slowly goes down and illuminates the sky with beautiful colours as the birds end the day performing pirouettes… just like our local kitesurfers.

Théo de Ramecourt shares his passion,

Kitesurfing champion (2017 French Foil Champion 2017 etc.) from Cayeux-sur-Mer

Théo de Ramecourt

Théo de Ramecourt

Cayeux-sur-Mer : the perfect spot? why?

The Baie de Somme and particularly Cayeux-sur-Mer is a great spot because it’s such an amazing setting, it’s pretty special being able to surf alongside seals, birds and nature.The tides make it exciting too depending on the time of day as you can surf on the waves or along the sandbar in the bay.The current and wind make getting back a breeze, it’s great! What’s your background ?

I’ve been doing all kinds of water sports and boardsports since I was little. I fell in love with surfing and one day I had the chance to try kitesurfing in Cayeux-sur-Mer at the EKBS (École de Kitesurf de la Baie de Somme).