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I’ve wanted to fly over the Baie de Somme for months, years even. I just couldn’t decide how to do it… plane, helicopter, microlight?

My colleagues gave me a huge surprise for my 40th and treated me to a microlight flight over the Baie de Somme. Oh…my…God! They got me good! What a wonderful and touching gift.


Well, I can’t back out this time. There’s always a bit of a gap between our deepest desires and the time we have to do something about it. One sunny Sunday morning a year later, I finally decide to take to the skies. 😉

I made the appointment a few days earlier with Jean-Claude Abbeville aerodrome and I still can’t decide which microlight to try: the fixed-wing or flexwing?  OK, it’s my first time so let’s take it slow. I go for the fixed-wing. 

The thing I’m most excited about is taking off in a small plane. Every time I set off to visit a foreign country, I get wildly excited when we take off. I want to get the same rush but turned up to the max.

Well I’m not disappointed, my adrenalin is certainly pumping! The battle cry I scream when we speed up and take off prove to my pilot that I’m loving this magical moment.

Then once we’re up in the sky, it’s a total blast…

We glide over the Grand-Laviers bird reserve and along the Somme Canal to reach Valery/Somme.

Note to self: when I’m in the air and gazing at the scenery, I won’t text my parents to say I’m above them… it will stop me getting airsick. lol

After soaring over St Valery/Somme, we glide above the bay, salt marshes and hunting lodges before arriving in Le Hourdel.

I spot little dots on the sand, they’re our local seals that our visitors all want to see.

My flight lasts thirty minutes so,

JC suggests a leisurely flight back to the aerodrome. Half an hour in a microlight is good for my first time. We’ll do more next time.

He offers to take me over my house in the little village I live in. It’s easy to find as it’s near the church. To be honest, you can’t recognise the villages from the sky, I lose all my markers.

Sky view - Altimage-SMBDSGLP

Sky view

in mic

We land at the aerodrome and when he sees my pasty face, JC takes pity and tells me to sit down for a minute. I need to get my senses back after constantly using my phone to text or take photos and the wonder I felt.

I go gome and the whole way there I say to myself:
I did it ! I did it !

Next up, bungee jumping. I’m joking… actually, maybe ! 🙂



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