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Come on !
Let’s grab a pair of boots and get cracking.
“This is confirmation of our appointment for a tour of the Baie de Somme and seal watching ”    Maxim Marzi – Baie de Somme guide

It’s a bit cold, it’s raining but that’s OK; I’ve finally managed to get the whole family together so the bad weather isn’t hoing to bother us ;-))

I’ve got everything ready (boots, gloves, hats, spare socks etc.) because you always have to plan for hearing:

  • “I’m cold”
  • “I should have brought my gloves”
  • “Do you have any tissues ?”…,
    the only spanner in the works is we’re missing a pair of boots and going in trainers right now now isn’t ideal for our twinkle toes  :-))

No worries, Maxim has lent us some which is a real bonus if you’re a holidaymaker who doesn’t want to overpack for a week-end in the Baie de Somme.


So we meet on Le Hourdel dunes car park  (a free motorhome car park), the group gets together, the guide asks the little ones to grab the telescopes and lends binoculars to everyone else.

we set off for 5km (environ 3.5hrs)

first along the “route blanche” then we start walking throught the bay :

  • not a soul in sight
  • breathtaking scenery
  • a sense of peace and tranquility

    And we really needed it !

Maxim briefs us on the differences between thee 2 species of seal : the grey seal we’ll meet on this outing has a longer muzzle than the common seal.

Recent blustery winds have slightly changed the currents and resting places so the seals are a little far, but that’s OK, they’re here all year so we’ll come back…



Halfway through Maxim takes us to his mysterious island; it’s a place where he takes big pieces of driftwood from his outings so we can sit down for a bit and have a cup of tea with some pieces of chocolate and ginger… it’s lovely and warms us up.


We can see yellow stormwear in the distance

they’re rockpoolers fishing for cockles, Maxim says it’s an exceptional year (the pros can catch up to 160kg per day and we can catch a few litres – but be warned, fishing is regulated so you have to check before you do it).



It’s time to head back to the car, it did us the world of good and aside from spotting seals,

it has far more important assets :

– switch off from the daily grind
– make memories and magical moments with the family
– enjoy simple pleasures…



Baie de Somme



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