The Baie de Somme is a popular fishing spot all year round given its wide variety of species to fish and forage

It’s ideal for all the family

  • shrimp fishing
  • cockle fishing (cockle fishing decree )
  • surfcasting
  • sea fishing
  • coastal foraging: samphire, sea orach etc.
Please fish and forage responsibly to protect the local resources and ecosystem.



Rules apply to different kinds of fishing so you need to:

tide times
check which decrees are in force on the date you plan to visit
check the weather to bring the right equipment
prepare your equipment (subject to shellfish)

Some fishing tips:

  • for cockles: find two little holes side by side, scrape with a three-pronged scraper and only pick cockles over 3cm
  • for razor clams: find a small hole, drop some coarse salt in and they’ll come out on their own… you just need to catch them.
  • for shrimp fishing: start 1-2 hours before low tide and whilst the tide is out.
  • for samphire foraging: cut with a knife and don’t take more than 500g/day/person


shrimp fishing


shrimp fishing

Fishing guide

You can spend an hour or day having a go at surfcasting and sea fishing. Sylvain Labbé  is the only fishing coach/guide in the Baie de Somme area. He takes care of everything, you just have to enjoy yourself 😉


Prohibition and legislation:

– Saint-Valery-sur-Somme : prohibited from the port to Cap Hornu
– Cayeux-sur-Mer : prohibited in the bathing area and boardwalk
Boat fishing and surfcasting: prohibited in bathing areas from June 15th to September 15th (1992 Water Act)
– blog with complete recommendations and current regulations