Patrimoine culturel

Tour de Guet et Crypte de Saint-Blimont

The 15th century Watchtower is the central element of the church, affording a panoramic view of the Picardy coast. Inside there are three objects listed as historical monuments: pre-15th century font, statue of Saint Blimont and an ancient reliquary.


Massive 27-metre high watchtower from the 15th century which, after climbing its 108 steps, allows you to enjoy a view of the Picardy coast and the Vimeu. It houses in its ancient guard room, the bells of the village church that the inhabitants have the pleasure of hearing ringing since 1680. There are also, within the church itself, many elements to be observed, such as majestic beams, as well as three objects classified as historical monuments: the baptismal font dating from before the 15th century from the first church of Saint-Blimonten, a statue of Saint-Blimonten wood Polychrome dating from the 15th century and an ancient reliquary.


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