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Collégiale Saint Vulfran

The Collegiate Church of Saint Vulfran is a masterpiece of Picardy's flamboyant Gothic art. Its remarkable facade flanked by 2 towers (with lookout!) and its nave, made of wood like a ship's hull, reminds us that Abbeville was a major seaport in the Middle Ages. The plus : 600 year old altarpieces !


Built from 1488, it is a masterpiece of the flamboyant gothic art of Northern France. Its facade is remarkable: rose, gallery, statues of the Renaissance, two symmetrical towers of more than 55m height, surmounted by two watchtowers. The central portal is a fabulous testimony of the work of the Picardy "huchiers" illustrated by Renaissance leaves. It is only in the 17th century that the nave was completed in a Gothic style. The interior is remarkable for the altarpieces in the side chapels and the modern stained glass windows of religious and biblical inspiration, the Way of the Cross and the paintings, a set painted by William Einstein.

Individual guided tour on request all year round (subject to availability of the guide)



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