Patrimoine naturel

Hâble d’Ault et sa Réserve Ornithologique

The Hâble d’Ault is a unique coastal site, to the south of the Baie de Somme (its big sister), just where the cliffs begin to rise. This old lagoon is protected from the open sea by a narrow and fragile bank of pebbles. It's a first class bird sanctuary and a great place for walks.


In the Middle Ages Ault harbour or 'Hâble d'Ault' was an important anchorage for ships that could sail up here from the sea via a channel. Nowadays the marshes of the Hâble d'Ault are mainly known for their rich plant and wildlife: over 270 species of migratory birds have been observed here since the late 19th century. The site comprises grassy areas, marshland, pebble banks and a few patches of sand dune. This wildlife reserve and no-hunting area is of great interest to many bird watchers. Explore the site, called the Réserve d'Avifaune du Hâble d'Ault, along the specially laid out track.



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